What We Do

United Sales and Distributors is in a very competitive industry. We have many club stores and larger retailers in the surrounding areas, and our independent grocers are becoming extinct. We not only must have an aggressive field staff, but also the finest buyers in our industry. Our buyers provide the sales staff with the prices they need and our advertising department provides them with point of sale materials to promote our vendors products. Some of these point-of-sale items we produce for our sales team and store owners include:

Our independent grocers are just that – “independent”. Each grocer has different wants and needs but all have one common goal and that is the need to have competitive pricing like the larger retailers.  They need creative ways provided by our staff to move the products on their shelves. These independent inner-city grocers have a customer base which has limited or no transportation to get to the larger retailers and club stores which makes these independent grocers more of necessity and not a convenience. The inner-city consumer is useful in many ways other than just buying products; they also provide feedback on new and current items.

Over the years, we have trained the store managers to do more than just ring a register; we have shown them how to merchandise and price products to move. Most importantly, we have taught them to take a personal interest and listen to what their customers are telling them and how this can increase sales. The information that is passed along to their assigned field rep is then brought back to our buyers. The USD team determines if this item is warranted to carry in inventory. We have found that this information is best obtained by surveying the independent grocers. Our team of buyers and field staff compile all the information from those surveys and determine if it is a viable item for the USD catalog.

The mom and pop operations are family owned grocery stores that are being driven out by the inability to compete with the larger chains. We have carved out a niche that so many have forgotten.  Let us not forget that this is where the larger retailers started. We are here to help the smaller grocers stay in business and thrive.